Scan and Saw 1

Scan-N-Saw System

Unique to the industry, Timber Machine Technologies Scan-N-Saw Systems process both boards and cants through the same linear scanning system. Because of their simplicity and versatility, these systems work well in both hardwood and softwood sawmills.

The Scan-N-Saw System combines a simple infeed table, linear scan conveyor, linear combination gang/edger and outfeed picker. TMT’s board/cant turner system indexes boards and cants onto the linear scan belt. The pieces pass through a single scan zone (or multiple scan zones if there are length restrictions) and the optimum solution is generated. Once the piece is scanned, the Scan-N-Saw module will place either a battery of gang saws for cants or edging saws for boards into position.

The Scan-N-Saw module’s guided saws slew and skew to match the solution generated by the optimizer. The saw module will straight-saw or curve-saw the cants or edge the boards. The outfeed system then picks out and sends edged boards or canted sawn boards out to the trimmer’s landing table.

The linear optimizer is provided by Nelson Bros. Engineering, a leader in linear scanning and optimization. The scanner uses the state-of-the-art JoeScan JS-20 scan heads.